Simple Tips for Keeping a Clean Home

One thing I learned very quickly upon entering my adult life, is that a clean home really does make a difference.

My mom wasn’t kidding!

Coming home from a tiring day to a clean and organized home really feels welcoming and relaxing. And waking up in a neat space helps me get focused and motivated for my day – otherwise the clutter in the house seems to creep into my brain and wash away all my excitement for the day.

If you want to take charge of your home and control that mess, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together some of my favorite low maintenance ways to make sure your house stays sparkling!

Continuous Upkeep

The best cleaning secret I can give you, is that the cleanest homes are kept that way by constant maintenance. This may sound tedious, but it doesn’t have to feel like extra work! The key here is to build good habits. Do a little each day, each week, and each month, and soon you will find that your house simply stays clean!

What I mean is this: Think of the way you keep up with your hygiene and personal maintenance, you do brush your teeth daily don’t you? Your body needs daily care, and so does your home. But you don’t have to get a hair cut everyday – maybe just every so often, and you certainly wouldn’t get a perm each week, more like every six months. Cleaning and caring for your home works the same way.

If you make a point of getting a few little things done each day, each week, and each month, soon you will slip into a routine that will make the chores breeze by, and you’ll barely notice you’re doing it before it’s done!

I do have a few tips though, for making your daily chores that much easier!

Daily Cleaning:

Some things you should do daily (or as often as you can) to keep your space neat are:

  • Wipe down countertops
  • Wipe down your kitchen sink
  • Sweep those floors!
  • Take out the trash

I find that it is so much more efficient to clean as I cook or work in the kitchen. That way I never leave a mess on the counter tops to clean. That said, I still like to make my rounds before bed each night.

Wiping surfaces with just a wet rag is always an option, but I prefer to use my disinfectant wipes to make sure the counters are clean enough to prepare food on.

These Lysol disinfectant wipes are my go-to for spot cleaning. I prefer them because of their two in one wipe or scrub feature, and they leave my counters fresh and germ free.

Personal pro tip: When it comes to sweeping, I vacuum.

This is something I’ve learned form living with my wonderful, adorable, and… very hairy roommates. My dog is the worst, no matter how much I brush him, he just sheds everywhere. It’s truly amazing. I only can get about a third of his hair up with a broom, but I’ve found that my lightweight Bissel vacuum cleaner is a total lifesaver. It never fails at picking up all of it. Every last bit.

My sister, a bit less of a DIY girl, swears by her robot vacuum cleaner. It’s definitely a bit pricier, but to her, it’s so worth it to have that extra time on her hands to spend with her kids and on her work. All she has to do is set her advanced scheduling features, and it just wakes up to clean every day, and then charges itself! Pretty cool if you ask me. The one she uses is a German brand I believe, but if you’re looking for one of your own, I’d recommend checking out the iRobot Roomba 960 which was voted best all-around robot vacuum at TechHive.

*Cleaning secret!* If you can clean messes immediately after they are created, you’ll have a lot less to clean up later, and your home will STAY clean

Weekly Cleaning

My weekly cleaning schedule includes the following tasks:

  • Clean the kitchen appliances
  • Clean the toilets
  • Wipe down your mirrors
  • Dust off furniture and shelves
  • Change your bed sheets
  • Laundry Day!
  • Vacuum Carpets, rugs and upholstery
  • mop the floors

Microwave Cleaning Hack!

If you’ve got a mess on the inside of your microwave that doesn’t want to come off, put a wet cloth inside for 30 seconds. Then use the hot cloth to clean the microwave sides, ceiling, and floor. The moisture will make it so much easier to clean! Also consider removing the plate at giving it a good wipe-down as well. The whole job takes barely two minutes!

If a wet cloth is too boring for you, never fear! there are options! My friend uses this little ‘Angry Mom’ steamer. She swears it works twice as well because she uses vinegar as well as water to get her microwave extra clean. Plus it’s completely adorable. Go see for yourself!

Monthly Cleaning

It is important to take care of the following things each month to make sure your home stays sparkling clean!

  • Scrub showers, tubs, and tile grout
  • Vacuum baseboards and heating/cooling vents
  • Dust ceiling fan blades
  • Disinfect trashcans
  • Clean out your drains

Seasonal Cleaning

It’s time for Spring Cleaning, and Summer Cleaning, and Fall and Winter too!

  • Check the fridge and pantry for expired items
  • Air out the house
  • Clean throw pillows and blankets
  • Sort through closets for clothes that should be repaired or donated
  • Wash windows
  • Clean the fireplace

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